The Jewish Innovation Economy

An Emerging Market for Knowledge and Social Capital

In an innovation economy, knowledge, technology, entrepreneurship and creativity are the core engines of change and growth. Many years of philanthropic investment in Jewish education and leadership development, new networks connecting emerging leaders across the continent and around the globe, and the creative spirit Jewish startup founders and leaders bring to their work have built a Jewish innovation sector that runs lean and burns hot with the twin fuels of knowledge and social capital.

Despite the economic downturn and its effect on Jewish philanthropies and nonprofits, the number of new Jewish non-profit organizations continues to rise dramatically, today reaching more than 600 initiatives serving more than half a million people across North America. In addition to money—nearly $200 million per year flows to the Jewish startup sector each year—a robust portfolio of education, leadership, and organizational development programs is powering the innovation sector and its leaders—and in turn, broadening the reach of their startup initiatives.

This new report by Jumpstart, The Natan Fund, and The Samuel Bronfman Foundation provides data, analysis, implications, and recommendations about the growth and dynamism of the Jewish startup sector and its leadership.

  The Jewish Innovation Economy: An Emerging Market for Knowledge and Social Capital

Innovation economics is an economic doctrine that reformulates the traditional model of economic growth so that knowledge, technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation are positioned at the center of the model rather than seen as independent forces that are largely unaffected by policy.

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